Hello and welcome! My name is Daiton Tietz and this site, A Dash of Daiton, is my 4S9A1658-2creative outlet. I’m a farmer, a student of life, and an ag marketing nerd. I just graduated from college at Iowa State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Communications and minored in Entrepreneurial Studies. I fill my spare time with more learning about thrilling digital marketing strategies and research on what kinds of dogs and chickens I want in the future. Exciting stuff, I know. As you may notice, I use my website for a lot of things, including a blog, a portfolio, and a platform connect with potential clients interested in my freelance work. I’m so glad you’re here, and I welcome you to take a look around.

In my blog posts I often mention my family rather frequently, so I’ll introduce you to them here.


Dad- My dad, Galen, is a full-time farmer and
has lived on our farmstead for his entire life. He is the brains and brute force of our operation, where we own 60 stock cows and feed out their calves every year. We also farm nearly 1,000 acres of corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. If all of that doesn’t keep him busy enough, my dad also does custom welding for other farmers on the side.


Mom- My mom, Melanie, is currently a stay-at-home farm mom. She ‘retired’ from social work about three years ago and has enjoyed helping with the farm ever since. My mom is the most loving and caring person I know, and she does a darn good job keeping up with my all of my family’s shenanigans. She’s also the one who taught me everything I know about cooking and baking.

Jordan- My goofy brother and my only sibling. He graduated with an Agricultural Business degree from the University of Wisconsin- Platteville. He has a passion for agriculture and plans to come home to farm with dad after he graduates. He also works with some family friends of ours in their custom spraying and liquid fertilizer business.


Mitch- My fantastic boyfriend and one of my biggest fans. He’s also a farmer and works with his family on their farm in Minnesota. He’s slowly introducing me to the wonderful world of sheep, and I’m teaching him all about beef cattle. He is a big fan of ice cream, naps, and dad jokes. Oh, and Netflix. Lots of Netflix.



Cooper and Maggie- Our trusty farm dogs- gotta include them! Cooper is a rescued Shih Tzu who came into our care almost six years ago. He enjoys long naps, rolling in cow poop, and eating whatever dad is eating. Maggie is a 9-year-old purebred mutt. (an Australian Shepherd/ Blue Heeler/ Black Lab, we think.) She loves being outside and helping with the cattle in the summer, and taking long naps inside in the winter.